Our Mission

At Paradyne Services we help companies in the Americas connect and develop valuable partnerships in Europe and vice versa.

Our philosophy is simple; your success is our success. Success requires trust which is built and maintained by many small actions over time.

We have a broad knowledge of the business environments in North & Latin America and Europe and a good feeling for the diverse cultural aspects.


We connect decision makers in a wide variety of industries and help you develop a thorough understanding of new international markets, decide on a sound strategy and provide your team with a suite of customized services to ensure a successful implementation.

Sales Agency



From our offices in the Netherlands and the Houston, TX area, we build and manage your expansion overseas during the initial market penetration stages. This way you obtain an immediate presence acting as your local sales team with "boots on the ground".


As highly experienced sales pro's, we have built a large network of personal contacts in B2B, B2C and government organizations. 

By working with Paradyne, you are able to “test” the market and wait with big, direct investments until your business is mature enough, thus minimizing your exposure to risk.

There is little to no up-front investment from your side as we only get paid when you do.

For our customers that require physical inventory close to their customers in overseas markets we provide the same knowledgable sales support to help you establish a presence and grow the business.


And then we complement that with first class logistics and supply chain support, managing inventory, deliveries, invoicing and regulatory compliance.

Our industry expertise covers upstream and downstream oil & gas, chemicals and technology start-ups.

Our functional expertise lies in sales and sales management, business development, project and tender management, foreign incorporations (legal & fiscal).


We'd like to talk to you about how we can help.